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Shopping for Beachfront Property for Sale? Read This!

Living on the beach is one of the most tranquil options for homeownership. As you shop for Charleston beachfront property for sale, there are several considerations for finding the best home in the right location that offers easy beach access and the sweet sounds of crashing waves.

Purchasing a beachfront home involves knowing more about what to look for in these properties, gathering neighborhood information and reading up on the unique aspects of waterfront property. If you’re considering a beachfront move, this article is a great place to start.

About Charleston Cities with Beachfront Property for Sale

Getting to know the cities within Charleston where you can find the best beachfront houses will guide you in narrowing your search and getting everything you hope to out of your new home. Here's a look at the top locations near the water.
Daniel Island Best for Families - The Robertson Team

Daniel Island

Best for: Families

Daniel Island offers a casual, comfortable living environment. The island is five miles from Mt. Pleasant and a convenient 10 miles from Charleston International Airport for those who love to travel.

And while you aren't in a big city area, you'll only be 14 miles from downtown Charleston. Homes on Daniel Island offer the option for townhomes, condos or single-family homes.

The area is a great place to live because it is very safe, has great schools, offers excellent social events, and has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find around Charleston.

Isle of Palms

Best for: Nightlife and dense suburban living

Isle of Palms offers a more suburban feel to it. You'll find tons of bars and restaurant options if you enjoy going out. With a population of more than 4,000, it's one of the larger waterfront property options.

Most residents own their homes (86 percent), which will give you a good community feel. In comparison to other waterfront locations near Charleston, Isle of Palms is also a little more affordable.

The public school system is highly rated, which makes it good for families and you'll have a tight-knit community since the homes tend to favor a denser suburban feel.

If you’re looking for a classic suburban community but with a beach, Isle of Palms will help you strike that unique balance.

Sullivan's Island

Best for: Retirees

Sullivan’s Island has a small population of just over 2,000. It’s a more rural feeling area. Most people near Sullivan’s Island own their homes (83 percent), which means you’ll be in good company if you’re planning to live there full time.

Although Sullivan’s Island is favorable for retirees, it also has a great school system, which means you can move there as a family with ease.

The beaches on Sullivan’s Island are some of the most pristine oceanfront getaways near Charleston, mostly because so few people rent out their homes.
What to Look for When Shopping Beachfront Homes - The Robertson Team

What to Look for When Shopping Beachfront Homes

There's indeed nothing like living on the beach. But while you'll find the experience a calm, enjoyable place to live, you have additional considerations when evaluating houses near the beach.

  • Foundation: make sure your property investment has a good foundation and is weatherproof to stand up to severe storms. Review the area's flood risks and compare them to the home's mitigation tactics. Look for options on stilts if the property experiences severe hurricane activity. You also want to consider how rain-resistant the materials are and how they'll stand up to high temperatures. FEMA states that best home material for coastal areas is concrete.

  • Property management expense: if you are planning to be away for extended periods, you might need to hire a property management team. This will impact your total expense and ease of living there. Consider the pest control, landscaping and maintenance requirements.

  • Roof: review when the roof was last replaced on the property you’re evaluating. Homes in coastal areas tend to experience heavier wear and tear on the roof, which means replacement costs are more expensive because you need the best of the best materials. For those reasons, homes with metal roofs are ideal for coastal areas.

  • Flood risk: most likely, you'll need to purchase flood insurance if you're purchasing a beachfront property. This insurance can be even more expensive than your standard homeowner's insurance policy. It will significantly increase your total cost of living in the home. But just because the home is coastal does not mean it has the highest flood risk category and therefore the highest rates. Look up the ratings for the home's flood risk to make an informed decision. Consider talking to an insurance agent to get a flood insurance quote or checking FEMA’s website.

Shopping for a Home in Charleston, SC?

Whether you’re looking for coastal properties, potential rental properties to increase your income or trying to find the perfect place to settle down in Charleston, South Carolina, The Robertson Team has an agent ready to make your home purchasing experience simple.

We know the ins and outs of beachfront properties and can guide you in what to look for, top considerations and how to pick the best area based on your needs. Contact us to begin shopping for your dream home.

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