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Five things to consider when buying your first home

Purchasing your first home can be filled with mixed emotions. There are a lot of things that can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked. Thankfully, when you work with a realtor, they can provide you information on neighborhoods of interest. For example, Dewees Island real estate is an excellent location if you are looking for a bit of nature and ample privacy.

Before you can take that leap, however, there are some things you need to consider before you buy that first home.
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Budget — The first thing to look at before looking into Dewees Island real estate is your budget. What can you afford? Knowing your budget is something you should determine before you begin the search because the last thing you want is to find a home you love that is not within your financial reach.

Once you have your budget, remember that you don’t have to find something right that uses up everything you have qualified for. What your budget is should factor in your minimum, ideal, and maximum spend.

Interest Rate — The interest rate will vary on when you plan to buy and who is going to offer you a mortgage. See what is available, and understand the difference between fixed and variable mortgages. This is where working with a professional mortgage broker is going to come in handy.

Tip: Make sure your budget and interest work together – as you don’t want to find yourself too financially stretched.

Location — When you envision yourself in the mornings, where do you see yourself waking up? Is it looking out to the water, or maybe a cul-de-sac? If you are familiar with the Dewees Island real estate, you will have the one upon those who don’t. Make sure you consider your lifestyle and what you want when looking at your location.

Long term vs. Short Term — Unless you are looking to have your first home be your forever home, most homeowners will go through 2-3 homes before settling down. For many, they will stay at a place between 3-5 years before choosing to move.

Consider what your long and short terms goals are for your home. Are you buying your home when you are single or in a relationship? Maybe you have a baby on the way? Regardless of your circumstance, consider where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years and what your housing needs may be.

Renovations or Upgrades — In a perfect world, buyers could find that perfect home that meets all their checkmarks. The truth is there may and will be some customizations you may want to do before or after you move in. Consider this when you begin your house hunt, as sometimes, some things need to be upgraded or renovated.

This is also important when you are looking for a home within a specific budget.

The moment you find that place to call home, you will know. You will envision yourself personalizing your new place to suit YOU because the truth is, home is where YOU see yourself. 

Reach out to our associates today, and let us put you in your future home! 
After relocating to Charleston, Andrew was the ultimate professional and made it a personal goal to understand what our family desired in our finding our new home. His guidance and recommendations are the same as he would make for his closest family members or better yet, himself. Andrew takes a personal interest in finding the right home, at the right time, in the right area, for the right family. We could not be happier with his guidance and professional service.

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