How To Buy a Beach House

How to Buy a Beach Home
Top 5 Tips

Waking up to the sounds of the crashing waves and seagulls squawking is what many people view as idyllic. And there’s no greater state in the US to buy a beach house than South Carolina. The weather is excellent, the views are stunning and homes hold their value.

But before you sign the paperwork, let us give you some tips to learn how to buy a beach home and make the most out of your investment.

Tip on how to buy a beach home #1: Evaluate Neighborhoods Carefully

The right area will make all the difference in your enjoyment of your beach house and how well it holds its value. Certain areas of South Carolina have always been desirable, and likely always will be. Three of the most desirable areas  are Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.

Think about the kind of lifestyle you want to lead and review what’s nearby. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment will all make a difference in how much you like your new area.

Tip #2: Consider What Type of Beach Is Your Favorite

Do you love white sandy beaches where you can see for miles? Or do you enjoy some of the seclusion dunes provide? Do rocks in the sand bother you?

Think about what kind of view you want to see out your front door. Then start researching the beach terrain in various areas of the state.

And while you're looking at the beach and its features, think about how much activity there is at that beach year-round. Maybe you can deal with an influx of activity June-August during the busiest vacation months. But does the tourist season slow down after that?

Some people thrive in the hubbub of a vacation town. Others want the quiet moments on the beach. Decide what atmosphere is important to you before buying.

Take a look at the local beach to see if there is a cost or toll to visit. Some beaches charge residents and visitors alike, which could add to the expense of living there.

Tip #3: Decide Which Way You Want Your Home to Face

This might sound funny, but some beach homes face sunrises while others face sunsets. If you want quiet mornings drinking your coffee on the porch or deck while enjoying the sunrise, face the east. Homes that face west will enjoy quiet evenings watching the sunset.

It’s all personal preference and how you hope to spend your time at your beach house. And when you’re outside, what do your neighbor’s homes look like? Will you be super close to those neighbors and encounter their noise and chatter daily? Or is there enough space between houses to reduce the impacts that your neighbors’ outside behavior will have on you? Some homes are close to beachside bars, lifeguard stands or other obstructions that will impact your views, noise levels and more. Don’t assume that any of that will change once you buy the house.

The perfect beach home

Tip #4: Review Additional Expenses

Buying a beach house will come with a large initial price tag no matter where you buy. But don’t forget to evaluate additional expenses, such as insurance, HOA fees and maintenance costs. Before you buy, ask yourself these questions about a property.
  1. How far is it above sea level?
  2. How old is the home and its protective features, such as its roofing and siding
  3. Does the home have adequate storage, or will you need to pay extra for that?
  4. Is the property truly beachfront or is it off-beach property?
  5. How much will hazard and flood insurance cost annually?
  6. What sorts of pests and bugs might you encounter and how much will it cost to keep them at bay?

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Realtor Knows the Area

Small nuances can impact the total cost of the property as well as its resale value and your enjoyment of your new home. What looks picturesque when you visit or tour a home might later be a real nightmare.

Local realtors know the ins and outs of how the neighborhood works and top considerations for home purchases. When your realtor knows the area, they can provide a good idea of what living there will be like, including conveniences like getting internet run to the house or your ability to rent out the property when you aren’t there.

The right realtor makes all the difference in a real estate transaction, but especially one as pivotal as a beach home. The Robertson Team knows the following areas extremely well:

We hope these tips on how to buy a beach home can guide you toward the neighborhood and beaches that are right for you based on your preferences. Contact us to learn more about the difference our team makes in your real estate transaction.

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