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4 Home Upgrades to Consider When You Buy your next home

Don't miss out on the Isle of Palms real estate market – with homes coming on the market daily. Before looking at new builds or homes that may be on the higher end of your budget, why not consider looking at those fixer-upper or homes you can personalize to suit your personal style?

With renovations to that future home, consider these four upgrades that may be well worth your dollar!

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Do you love entertaining? Is that house with the waterfront view lacking counter space or entertainment space? Why not consider it and consider upgrading the kitchen with a custom granite countertop or backsplash?

Kitchens are an excellent investment when it comes to the upgrades of a home as they can instantly increase the value of your home. The upgrades don't have to be substantial either; you can replace the cabinet handles or give them a fresh coat of paint. 


If you are considering buying an older home, consider looking at having your windows upgraded. Why? For one, having newer windows can save you money in the long run. Adequately insulated and coated windows can keep the cold out and heat in.

Upgrading your windows can also enhance the home's appeal and visual appearance.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Another way to help keep costs down in your new home is with the upgrading of energy-efficient appliances. Do you need to them right away? No – you can see which appliances need upgrading and see which are the older ones that will probably need immediate attention.

HVAC units can be expensive and don't often get the necessary maintenance and attention that a washer, dryer, or stove. If the HVAC is nearing the 15 or 20-year mark, ask your realtor to see if you can use it as a bargaining chip with the seller. What you save from the home could go towards upgrading the unit.

Storage Solutions 

Even when you think there is enough storage space, once you unpack and start moving in, it seems all that storage space is gone. One thing that can improve your potential home is having a storage solution. Maybe there is an unfinished basement – don't be deterred by this, rather see all the potentials of the space: storage, entertainment, or family room.

Homes can never have enough storage space, and if you can see your new home's potential to have more – then it's worthy of an investment.

Why Upgrades Matter

Upgrades are essential to consider before buying a home because they can get expensive depending on what you want to be done. The workaround ensures that the house is list-price reflects what you are willing or want to put into it as upgrades. This is where someone from the Isle of Palms real estate market can come in handy – they know what homes are worth and whether or not you are paying above or undervalue.

Buying a home can be overwhelming; however, you can trust that they will work their hardest to find you that perfect home with our associates. Isle of Palms real estate is sure to have a home that's ready for your personal touch!

Andrew did a great job with the sale of our property. He kept in touch on a daily basis and showed sincere commitment in arranging a timely sale as well as obtaining a price that met our expectations. We have purchased and sold properties in five states over the past forty years; Andrew is the best agent we have ever had!

John and Linda B. Happy Customers

About rivertowne properties

Did you know that the Rivertowne Properties in Mount Pleasant, SC, is becoming one of the fastest-growing and popular neighborhoods to call home?
Being a short drive from historic Charleston, the Rivertowne properties are an excellent investment for anyone looking to mix suburbia and the great outdoors.
All-in-one Neighborhood
One of the best features about Rivertowne is the access to amenities. From shopping centers, grocery stores, libraries, shops, and so much more, Rivertowne is becoming a booming neighborhood for anyone looking to buy their first home.
Rivertowne Properties
When it comes to affordable housing, Rivertowne offers just that. Rivertowne is an up-and-coming community that is drawing city dwellers to the suburbs. With so much to offers, it is no wonder that young professionals, families, and retirees are looking at buying a home in Rivertowne.
People Friendly
Moving to a new place can be intimidating, but when you buy a Rivertowne property you are coming into a neighborhood that is family-friendly and welcoming.
Voted one of the safest places in South Carolina, it’s no wonder that potential buyers are considering a Rivertowne property.
Guiding You Through the Process
No matter your budget, the Robertson Team is ready to guide you through the home buying process. Have a home you need to sell? They can assist you with that as well.
From start to finish, our skilled associates can match you with the perfect home – from backyard pools to backyard greenspace, whatever your wants and needs are, we will work to make it happen and without breaking the bank too.
Don’t settle for something random in the market – find that perfect home to suit your needs and budget. Then, let the Robertson Team get you into one of the hottest neighborhoods in South Carolina today!

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