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Park West is beautifully situated in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Many realtors in South Carolina are finding themselves occupied helping clients find the perfect Park West homes for sale. No matter your housing style, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a home with a white picket fence, or maybe you are looking for something hipper and more modern, there is a Park West home to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Why Choose Park West?

The number one reason to consider looking at Park West Homes for sale is not only their affordability but their proximity to many amenities. From fine-dining restaurants to casual bars and parks, Park West offers homeowners all they could ask for. Not only are homeowners close to amenities, but the housing prices are more than affordable. In 2020, the average cost of a home was $445,000. Many of the homes that clients listed in their market were able to receive the full asking price. Park West has a market that is both affordable and accessible. Another reason that Park West is becoming a desirable neighborhood is that you can find essentially every type of housing style from multi-story townhomes, single-level ranches, bungalows, and deep water elevated properties. As a potential homebuyer, having options can be a great benefit.

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What Makes Park West a Desirable Community?

Three reasons that many are choosing to leave the city for the suburbs are: 
  1. More space - With the city becoming increasingly competitive in the real estate market, more young professionals and young families choose to opt for the suburbs, such as Park West. Being ideally situated and a short drive from the city, there is an excellent appeal for upgrading that condominium high rise for a lovely home with a backyard or pool.

  2. Lifestyle - The average household income in the Park West area is approximately $105,000. This means that if you and your family are looking to relocate somewhere peaceful and inclusive, Park West is the neighborhood to be. As well as being in a community with socio-economic standings, Park West offers everything from community centers, schools, and attractions suitable for young professionals and families. 

  3. Nature and City all-in-one - There is no shortage of green space in Park West, nor does it just offer a suburb feel. Park West is the perfect mix of city meets nature. From beaches to running tracks and walkways, there is a bit of outdoors for everyone.  There are ample reasons why Park West should be on your radar. If you are in the market for a new home, consider reaching out to Robertson Team Real Estate to see what Park West home for sale is calling your name. 

  4. Work with Experience on Your Side

    The Robertson Team is filled with knowledgeable and passionate realtors. Their knowledge of Park West and surrounding areas means they can provide you with recommendations and insight into the best home for your budget and lifestyle.  Get the key to your dream home in Park West and let the Robertson Team get you there! 

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