Tips for Finding Condos 
for Sale in Charleston, SC

Considering shopping for condos for sale in Charleston, SC? You’ve chosen a great market to consider moving to or purchasing an investment property for.

The area offers incredible ways to kick back, relax and enjoy unique food experiences. You’ll have the best amenities for waterfront living.

Before you start your condo search, you’ll want to learn some top considerations for purchasing in the area. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a vacation home, part-time living option or permanent residence, you should be aware of these reasons to consider a condo.

Why You Should Shop for Condos for Sale in Charleston, SC

Unsure about whether you should be shopping for a house or condo when evaluating Charleston for your next real estate purchase? Here’s a look at some of the perks that condo living offers.
  1. Less Maintenance

  2. Condos provide an opportunity to relax more and do less manual labor on your property. When you purchase a condo, it comes with all exterior maintenance and services. You’ll have full power over customizing the inside of your living space without the need to paint, roof, or even mow the lawn on your property.

  3. Community Amenities

  4. Many condo communities also feature incredible amenities, like a fitness center and pool. That way, you can walk to these locations and avoid the need to maintain a pool. Plus, you’ll have somewhere to gather with friends and family in the community room without needing to have a large enough home to do so.

  5. Affordable Living in Desirable Areas

  6. Beachfront properties or city living in Charleston can get pricey. The larger the living arrangement, the more you’ll need to be willing to pay. Condos offer a more affordable way to live in the area of the city you want to.
Why You Should Shop for Condos for Sale in Charleston, SC - The Robertson Team

Considerations Before Purchasing a Condo as a Primary Home

The transition into a condo can be freeing because so much of the home maintenance workload comes off your shoulders. But condo communities offer varying levels of services and amenities you’ll want to research carefully before purchasing. As you evaluate properties, consider these aspects of the community and space.
  1. Storage: many condos don't have basements or attics for storing your belongings. Consider the amount of storage and whether you can rent lockers or other storage options to meet your needs.

  2. Outdoor space: you likely won’t have your own outdoor area anymore. If you want to entertain outside or have yard space for playing with children or grandchildren, consider community spaces and how those will work for your needs.

  3. Amenities: the total price and value of your condo will vary based on whether it comes with a fitness center, pool, community center, etc.

  4. Maintenance: review the maintenance contracts and exclusions carefully. You might be responsible for more than you expect in some communities.

  5. Security: communities have varying levels of security from keypads, gates and door attendants. Decide what security measures make you feel safe in your new home.

  6. Association fees: the monthly cost of living in a community will be greatly impacted by the association fees.

  7. Community rules: some communities have strict rules about things like home businesses, pets, and changes to the property. Read up on these before purchasing a condo.
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What is the Nicest Part of Charleston?

Wondering what neighborhoods to consider when shopping for a Charleston, SC, condo? Here are the top choices.
  • Mount Pleasant: this suburban town is growing fast and includes many young professionals and families. The area has a happening vibe with city amenities but a smaller town feel. The restaurant options and nightlife make it an attractive option.

  • South of Broad: is ideal for downtown living. But if your budget is smaller, this is not the ideal location because condo prices are high in the area since it is centrally located. You’ll find stunning parks and walkable amenities though that can lower other costs, such as vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses.

  • Harleston Village: this is another city option for those who want to be close to the action. It has many restaurants and bars nearby but also some quiet residential areas for those looking for a more calm environment to live in. The walkability of this area is one reason why it’s a top pick.

  • James Island: is a good mix of beachfront and city. You'll be right between these two major landmarks in the Charleston area. Everything you need is available on the island, meaning you'll only need to travel to the city if you want to.

  • Folly Beach: offers the salty smell of the beach and all the feeling of living in paradise. The area is desirable for all age ranges and can offer more affordable beachfront properties.

  • West Ashley: properties in this area are waterfront, but they aren’t beachfront. Instead, your condo will sit on the Ashley River. It's a more affordable way to still live on the water without the large price tag of beachfront property.
What is the Nicest Part of Charleston - The Robertson Team

Is Moving to Charleston, SC, a Good Idea?

Charleston is absolutely charming and delightful. From cobblestone walkways to incredible restaurants, you’ll love your new home. Not to mention, you’re close to some of the nation’s top beaches. Real estate in the area is also a great investment and unlikely to experience large decreases in value soon.

Ready to begin your Charleston, SC, condo search?  Contact The Robertson Team for your real estate needs. We have in-depth knowledge about neighborhoods, communities and what to look for in the perfect condo based on your needs.

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